Womb Yoga - Womb Wisdom Retreat

Alexandra Pope - Laura Tonello

Over a long weekend you will experience delicious, relaxing yoga with other experiential processes, talks and an engaged dialogue that will allow you to gently let go into your power and beauty as a woman.

The workshop is an opportunity and an invitation for each woman to:

  • Enjoy discovering or deepening the connection with the wisdom of your womb.

  • Feel nourished and renewed.

  • Awaken to a new level of creative power

  • Unfold the spiritual path of the feminine

  • Enjoy deep sharing with other women

  • And find healing for your body and soul (including menstrual


Over a long weekend you will experience delicious, relaxing yoga with other experiential processes, talks and an engaged dialogue that will allow you to gently let go into your power and beauty as a woman.

Uma will lead you in a therapeutic and fluid approach to yoga especially designed for women that integrates rhythmic asana (postures) with breath, sound, mudra (gesture), bandhas (pelvic floor locks and seals), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation, to direct the focus of our energy and attention to the womb. It is rhythmic, fluid, gracious and fun. Womb yoga is a special approach to yoga that is therapeutic and spiritually nourishing. It is suitable for women of all ages, and for women including women who no longer have wombs or are post–menopause.

Alexandra will facilitate processes that will open you to the spiritual forces of your menstrual cycle—your unique rhythm of power as a woman—knowledge that can transform your relationship to yourself, others and the planet. If you no longer menstruate or have had a hysterectomy, this womb wisdom is still available within you.

You’ll learn about

  • The hidden resources within your menstrual cycle—your time of natural motivation and productivity, of heightened insight, intuition and visioning, and of the most exquisite intimacy and feelings of love

  • The spiritual powers of menstruation

  • The nature of menopause

  • How to support your body and soul within the demands of daily


  • How to ease and heal menstrual and menopausal problems

    This retreat is for any woman wanting nourishment, healing, life direction or time out whatever life–stage you are at. No previous experience is required.

    The retreat will focus on the theme of Renewal in the female body. We will gather together as the year is pulling in to its darkest time. It is akin to the premenstrual time of the cycle and to the transition of menopause. A time of reckoning and emptying out in preparation for entering your spiritual self and the renewal of your spirit. By deeply letting go and connecting with the fullness of yourself, your spirit, a knowing can emerge with a clearer sense of the path ahead.

Together we will explore the inner powers of your body as a woman, in particular the heightened spiritual opening at menstruation and at menopause. You will be guided through the five ‘chambers’ or phases of menstruation—your unique inner template for monthly renewal—and how to work with this for developing your inner wisdom and life direction. This will be combined with yoga practices and meditations to support and deepen the process. If you have crossed the menopause, you will explore the ‘chambers’ as the phases of menopause

Preparation for the Retreat (optional)

Take some time to reflect before coming to the retreat about what you would like to let go of (unfinished business, a relationship, ways of relating that no longer serve you, a way of thinking about yourself etc.).

We would like also to encourage you to begin charting your cycle, if you would like to do this, please contact Laura to receive a menstrual chart (see details at the end). If you don’t have your cycle anymore, chart your days in relation to the moon’s cycles—how you feel on an emotional, physical and mental level. You can also write down your dreams. 

What you need to bring

Please, bring with you a yoga mat and a cushion to sit on, if you wish also a shawl or a blanket for the deep relaxation/yoga nidra practices.
If you don’t have a yoga mat or if you are coming with pubblic transport or by plain, let me know please, I can bring extra material.

Alexandra Pope is a women’s leadership coach, facilitator and counsellor and an expert in the field of menstrual cycle education and women’s spiritual and psychological development. Having also crossed the menopause herself, she brings a wealth of expertise to this work.  She is author of a number of books including Mestruazioni and La Pillola.

Laura Tonello, Womb Yoga teacher, menstruality educator, translator with a degree in religious studies.
In her personal experience she has practiced yoga, meditation and psychotherapy. For many years she has been teaching at school and guiding Sexuality Educational projects. She has trained with Alexandra Pope, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Jane Bennett. And for the last few years she has organised and lead workshops and women’s circles on Menstruality as a means for women’s empowerment, and Celebration Day for Girls for mothers and girls on the threshold of menarche.


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Retreat Outline

From October 30th to November 1st,  2015
At Villa Santi, Daone Village, Montagne, Trento

For more information, please open here:
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Laura Tonello
mobile: +39 348 9212552
email: latonello@gmail.com - acquacheballa@gmail.com 


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