Menopause Unveiling the hidden power: a 2–day workshop exploring the initiatory journey of menopause

Facilitator: Alexandra Pope Translation: Laura Tonello

Menopause is a key transitional time in a woman’s life. There is both an ending of a way of being and the birth of something new: a challenge and a great opportunity.

The transition can reveal the vulnerable and neglected aspects of yourself that need to be faced along with an opening to deeper internal powers that help you form the next phase of your life. If you can work with this process of change you will find coming towards you a deeper, surer knowing of yourself, a clarity about what is most important and an awakening of inner strength to fulfil that.

This change can sometimes feel uncompromising but also very liberating. It is the great reality check moment of your life, an invitation to deeply accept yourself and step into a larger consciousness, the work of your soul, that is about serving the World.

What does it mean to work with this process of transition? How can you support yourself? What life style practices do you need to introduce to support the whole of you to unveil this inner power?

Through teaching, sharing and experiential exercises you will learn about the psychological and spiritual dynamic of menopause, gain insights into your own transition and how to support it, and begin to taste the deeper You that now needs to be fulfilled.

Menopause is an opportunity for Renewal and Awakening. Join us for what we hope will be a fun, deep, tender, illuminating weekend in which you can face any fears and concerns you have and come away with guidelines, practices and companionship for your menopausal journey.

Alexandra Pope is a women’s leadership coach, facilitator and counsellor and an expert in the field of menstrual cycle education and women’s spiritual and psychological development. Having also crossed the menopause herself, she brings a wealth of expertise to this work.  She is author of a number of books including Mestruazioni and La Pillola.

Laura Tonello 
Womb Yoga teacher, menstruality educator, translator with a degree in religious studies.
In her personal experience she has practiced yoga, meditation and psychotherapy. For many years she has been teaching at school and guiding Sexuality Educational projects. She has trained with Alexandra Pope, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Jane Bennett. And for the last few years she has organised and lead workshops and women’s circles on Menstruality as a means for women’s empowerment, and Celebration Day for Girls for mothers and girls on the threshold of menarche.


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The workshop will be in english, translated into italian.
The registration form can be filled in on the first day of the workshop.

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October 24th/25th, 2015
from 9.30 am to 17.30 pm, approximately

At Lupatini Hall, in the Beata Giovanna Centre, via Setaioli, Rovereto, Trento

How much
€ 210 full price
€ 180 early birds, before September 11th, 2015
€ 10 association fee
The price includes coffe-break and educational material.


Laura Tonello
mobile: +39 348 9212552

Nell'ambito medico ci sono numerosi aggiornamenti scientifici e tecnici, mentre è carente l'aspetto esperienziale. Questo seminario mi ha permesso di integrare la mia esperienza personale, permettendomi un approccio più consapevole ai vissuti delle altre donne in menopausa. Cristina Guareschi, ostetrica, Pergine