Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship Training

A leadership programme based on the menstrual cycle, the female model of development

The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship is a 9-month long training and initiation in to the power of the menstrual cycle and developmental journey from menarche to menopause in which you will explore a body of knowledge with ancient roots that has been freshly articulated and evolved for twenty–first century women. 

The first comprehensive programme of its kind in the world presenting a new paradigm in women’s leadership based on a uniquely female model of development, we aim to restore and apply this knowledge to our personal and professional development, healing and spiritual life.

As a participant you will help to expand this knowledge, becoming a co–creator and co-evolver of our understanding of what it means to be a woman in the world today. We think this is the most thrilling work to be involved in.


Living in a community where there is a Woman (an individual or a group of women) who is responsible for preparing girls for puberty and celebrating their first period; teaching them cycle awareness for self–care, menstrual health, contraception, and the sacredness of sexuality; preparing women for pregnancy and birth, and finally greeting them as they arrive at the door of menopause


Going for healing, counselling or coaching and at the centre of your work is the acknowledgement of your cycle as a core tool for both healing and creating your future


Attending a personal or spiritual development programme where the menstrual cycle is openly acknowledged and recognised as the quintessential Woman’s Way


Working in an environment where your embodied intelligence as a woman is welcomed, and in which business development recognises cyclical consciousness


Men respecting the menstrual cycle as a wonderful ally for deepening relationship and experiencing an exquisite union


A culture that celebrates cyclical life in all its guises


You are the woman who is instrumental in restoring this knowledge to our families, communities and culture.

The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship is your training to do such work.

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Al momento non ci sono le date della prossima formazione in Italia perchè con Alexandra Pope stiamo ridisegnandone il format e i contenuti.
A Settembre/Ottobre 2018 pubblicheremo aggiornamenti su questo sito.

La formazione è composta da tre moduli di 5 giorni ciascuno e si svolge in 9 mesi circa.

Facilitatrici: Alexandra Pope e Laura Tonello
Traduttrice: Laura Tonello

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